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Common Issues

Having a hard time logging in or using the site? Review this checklist before contacting tech support.

Pages are loading slow or not at all.

  • Clear Your Browser Cache
    Images, scripts, and formatting files can become corrupt or damaged if a computer crashes or experiences an severe internal error. For this reason, knowing how to reset your browser can quickly get you back up and running. For more information on resetting Internet Explorer browsers, visit Microsoft's Support Page.

  • Clear Your Browser Cookies
    In addition to the general browser cache, browser cookies are prone to becoming corrupted or damaged for a number of reasons. By simply clearing all of your browser cookies and then returning to the site, you may be able to get up and running again. For more information on Internet Explorer browsers, visit Microsoft's Support Page.

  • Check Your Connection
    Internet connections get faster and faster each year, but there is still no cure for general network failure in every location. Common networking problems that can be difficult to detect are bandwidth throttling, packet loss, and reduced bandwidth speed. Fortunately, you can get a pretty good picture by keeping track of your available bandwidth speed. By knowing how fast your connection is on average, you will be able to identify when you are experiencing quality loss. Here are some great sites that offer bandwidth speed testing:,

Something not working, that previously did?

  • Reboot Your Computer
    Rebooting your computer on a daily basis can eliminate all sorts of problems that otherwise are difficult to troubleshoot or understand. Often times your computer can have a minor failure that leads to all sorts of odd problems, but a simple reboot can get you back on track.


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